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Imagine work is tricky for you, with a number of problems going on. What do you do:

at work

WooHoo! You're off on holiday. What do you do?

Going on holiday

It's your dinner party. The guests haven't arrived on time. What do you do?

The job interview of your dreams is next week. What do you do?

interview coming up

Oh no. You are stuck in a traffic jam. You really need to be at a meeting. What do you do?

traffic jam

The neighbours are having a party. The music is very loud. What do you do?

Are you an Anxious Person? Take The Test Now!
You are very anxious. This quiz probably hasn't helped. You might want to think about meditation or other ways to calm down and relax.

very stressed person

Woo! Drink some herbal tea, have a calming bath, do some breathing exercises. It's not as bad as you think.
You don't let your anxiety get on top of you, but you do certainly worry about things here and there.

moderate anxiety

Relax, sometime
You are a zen like picture of relaxing perfection. Good on you.

Why worry about a thing? 'Cos every little thing, is going to be alright.

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