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What do you know about food? How well do you know vitamins?

Which Vitamin found in food helps with maintenance of good skin, eyes and hair amongst other qualities?

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Vitamin E is found in many good quality raw oils such as coconut, olive and also soya. Also found in raw nuts and seeds. It can apparently help reduce the ageing process on your skin. Definitely worth a shot.

Which gold coloured ingredient is said to have multi medicinal properties and has been reported to allegedly fight cancer cells?

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A great tasting ingredient that brings a golden colour to any food its added to. Frequently pronounced incorrectly.

Which of the three below is a super hot chili pepper?

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Nothing to do with the band. This is an ingredient that you do not want to get too near...otherwise known as Ghost Pepper.



Which lettuce has taken its name from a beautiful Greek island?

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It originates from this island and is called Kos or sometimes Cos.

What kind of fruit is a Derishi

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It is a Prince Melon or a Derishi - It is a melon that has smooth cream or green skin and green or orange-coloured flesh. It has a sweet full flavour.

Food and Nutrition Quiz #1

Good health is worth everything. Best get researching your food!

You clearly know something about food!

well done! I expect your kitchen is an array of good quality ingredients!

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