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Which Egyptian Pharaoh was a controversial ruler who changed his own name, changed to worshipping one god and moved the capital city? (His original Pharaoh name.)

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Amenhotep IV ( "Amenhotep god-ruler of Thebes" ) changed his name to Akhenaten meaning "Effective for the Aten" Aten being the god depicted as a sun touching all things. He moved the Capital from Thebes to Amarna and really upset everyone!

What was the nickname of the German general Erwin Rommel?

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Which English king was shot through the eye with an arrow?

He was the last crowned Anglo-Saxon king of England.
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Harold was the final Anglo-Saxon king to rule England bringing in the Normans. William the Conqueror (so named for obvious reasons) then ruled.



In which year did they build the Berlin Wall?

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It was erected in 1961 and made headlines everywhere when it was brought back down again in 1989.

Who invented the Christmas Cracker?

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That's All History! Quiz #1

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