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Should there be greater expectations on schools? The government and parents expect schools to have high standards in order to provide an exceptional quality of education. From the moment the school day starts, schools must provide students with care and support, ensure facilities are suitable for learning, and provide school meals that meet the healthy eating standards.

It’s important that schools strive to improve their standards and that we’re constantly challenging how systems can improve, as the better the standards, the better the environment for students. However, the responsibility of improving school standards doesn’t just fall to the school. Parents must also take their fair share of the responsibility by ensuring that their children meet just as high standards and start the day off ready to learn.


High School Standards Start at Home

You wouldn’t go to work in the wrong uniform or wearing inappropriate clothing, nor would you expect to put in a full day’s work without the correct tools or supplies. You also wouldn’t expect someone to spend an hour playing sports or concentrating on difficult tasks without a breakfast to kick start their day. The same rules apply when a child heads off to school.

Great school standards start with students that are properly fed, are wearing the correct clothing, and are prepared for a day of learning. These responsibilities fall directly on parents. When a child doesn’t have the right start to the day, their performance at school is going to suffer; this ultimately impacts their learning ability and brings down school standards.

In different ways, excellent standards for the start of the day lead to excellent standards at school:

  • A Healthy, Balanced BreakfastMany studies have identified eating breakfast in the morning as beneficial to on-task behaviour, and capable of improving test scores and increasing school performance.


  • The Correct Uniform – Wearing the correct uniform is a rule of many schools, and essential to maintaining good school standards. The importance of school uniform spans from maintaining a great school reputation and avoiding student conflict to preparing students for life outside of school.


  • Being Prepared to Learn – For every student that arrives late to school or who is not prepared for a lesson, class productivity declines a little more. Missing supplies and forgotten homework also hinder a student’s ability to learn.


With a good breakfast, the correct uniform, and the supplies and mindset needed to learn, students start the day off right, allowing schools to focus on their primary responsibility of teaching children.


For excellent school standards, it’s vital that parents take primary responsibility of their child’s readiness to learn before school starts. There are many ways that parents can step up to the mark, such as changing a morning routine or utilising one of the many school aids in place, such as breakfast clubs, which have been proven to boost student achievement. With a greater expectation that parents meet these fundamental standards, students and schools can easily benefit from a higher level of performance.


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