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Social networking has exploded in popularity in recent history, transforming the way that people from all over the world are able to communicate with each other. While some platforms for social networking are public, others take a very different approach, enabling you to create a private community.
Private social networking is an unknown for many people who are used to the old-school approach to social media. However, the benefits of a private network between friends, families, and organisations, are winning over an increasing number of people.
Never considered adopting a private digital network? Here are some of the biggest benefits to a private social network that show why it’s a great choice to enhance communication in your school:

 Communication is Private

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that a private social network is private. When you build a private social network, you keep control over who gets to join it; this creates a safe space for all stakeholders in a school to communicate, without worries over data protection.

 Communication is Direct

One of the biggest downsides of a public social network for specific communication, like school updates, is that announcements normally get lost in a crowded sea of other posts. A private network is tailored towards the information that you want to share, like school notices, changes, and achievements.

 Customisation is Extensive

With public social networks, you have to bend your needs to the design of the existing system, which normally isn’t exactly ‘one size fits all’. A private network allows you to build a community from the ground up, creating a network that’s as big or small as you need.

 Groups Make Communication Easier

The use of private, public, and hidden groups within a single private social network can take communication to the next level, without the need for multiple social accounts. Parents can talk to other parents, governors can communicate with teachers, and students can chat, all in a safe space. You can build any style of social community that you want to reflect the communication that your school needs.

 Tools Give You Back Control

Private social networks can come with a range of tools that can truly enhance all aspects of communication. Notice boards make announcements easier, Forms reduce reliance on paper communication and eliminate the ‘forgetfulness’ of students, and Mega Messaging ensures all stakeholders are kept up-to-date with school life.

The Collate Loop is a private digital network created for schools who want a modern system of communication without all the drawbacks that come attached to public networks. Innovative in design and incredibly simple to use, The Loop can enhance student learning, improve stakeholder engagement, and showcase the best of your school to prospective parents.
Through a private social network, where you have the power to build a unique school community and give every stakeholder a voice, you can modernise every aspect of school communication and make your school standout from the crowd.
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