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Which particular brand of soup tins inspired Andy Warhol?

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In 1962 he made 32 canvases, all of Campbell's soup can, and lined them up like a supermarket shelf. It was very effective.

Who did Sigmund Freud say this about when he met them in 1938: "He looks like a fanatic!"

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Salvador Dali was a huge fan of Sigmund Freud and was delighted upon hearing this!

Which artist said "My painting carries with it the message of pain."

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Frida Kahlo had the ability to turn her pains into beautiful art. She contracted polio at age 6 and it has been speculated that she may have also had spina bifida. She was also involved in a vehicle accident. Understandably she suffered from depression and this quote makes complete sense once you read about her life.

Whic art movement also means 'hobby horse' in French?

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Dada is the art movement that is allegedly based on nonsense and satire. It was a movement that grew in response to the intense violence and massacre of World War I.

Which French artist painted 'Bathers?'

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First exhibited in 1906 and considered by most a masterpiece of his work, yet heavily ridiculed in its day.

The Art Quiz #1

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