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This was the main finding of a PhD thesis entitled ‘Enhancing positive relationships for effective leadership in Maltese schools,’ undertaken by David Debono for which he was recently awarded a PhD by the University of Sheffield.

He coins a lovely phrase of ‘leadership that loves’.

The study used semi-structured interviews, focus groups and questionnaire.

His research showed that communication, trust, motivation, sense of community, and the fact that people matter, all result from positive relationships.

The data of the of thesis supported this.

Do you believe in leadership that loves? Or do we sometimes need to take a different approach?

What does leadership mean to you?

Having a clear sense of what leadership means is a lot like knowing where you are on a map. It is a clear reference point for making decisions about where you go next and making the right decisions to get there.

Leadership is different to most people, but the one common thread is that leaders tend to know themselves well.

Tell us in the comments below what you think makes a good leader.

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