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Think you know your science? Let’s find out…

Which silvery-white metal is represented by the symbol Pd?

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Who discovered Penicillin?

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Alexander Fleming discovered it in 1928.

When was acrylic fibre created?

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In 1941 by Du Pont and became really popular in the 1950s.



What is the more common name for 'trichloromethane?'

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A drug to make you fall asleep.

What does a Phrenologist do?

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Phrenology is the study of the skull. Sometimes referred to as Pseudoscience. It is doubted as a scientific study amongst many professionals. It is said to be the reading of personalities as from the bumps on your head. Heancethe phrase 'Have your bumps read' and was apparently very popular amongst Victorians.

Working In The Lab Quiz #1
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Science was never my favourite subject either. You aren't alone! The world needs specialists as well as generalists.
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