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Leaders in every industry are under pressure to improve productivity and efficiency for higher overall performance. Educational leaders are faced with the same demands, but with the quality of education for hundreds or thousands of students at stake, there’s a lot riding on great leadership.

Having a support network is one of the best ways for leaders to stay on top of the daily pressures of leadership and focus on improving a school environment for the success of pupils. Here are three areas that show the vital importance of having an outstanding leadership support network:


  • Promotes Distributed Leadership

A leadership support network allows leaders to effectively establish a distributed leadership. Through distributed leadership, leaders share their responsibilities, creating a collaborative environment where many people work towards the same goal. This type of leadership has been closely linked to improved organisational success and higher levels of student achievement.

Support networks help to create a distributed leadership by ensuring that there’s trust and transparency amongst everyone who is responsible for the day-to-day running of a school and for the fulfilment of larger visions. When there’s a good support network in place to maintain distributed leadership, then every member of the leadership team can work together effectively.


  • Time is Managed More Efficiently

Great support is an essential component of effective time management. When leaders have support they can delegate tasks to other members of their team, and when it comes to effective delegation, there are plenty of benefits. Delegation can help to:

  • Provide leaders with more time to focus on long-term goals
  • Improve leadership reputation
  • Increase the skills of other team members
  • Reduce delays and increase productivity
  • Improve team motivation
  • Establish a smooth succession plan
Collate Loop Community system

Collate Loop Community system

  • Increases Perspective of Problems

A leadership support network provides leaders with invaluable input from staff in all roles. Getting the perspective of staff members on problems and potential improvement plans can be invaluable when establishing goals and overcoming challenges.

Other members of staff may also have unique ideas on improvements in areas where the head is not directly involved, leading to improvements across the board. By encouraging different perspectives on problems, leaders also expand their own understanding and motivate staff to improve.


Online Support Networks for the Modern Leader

The importance of a leadership support network is one thing but building and maintaining one is a whole different story. Luckily, this is one area of leadership that technology can assist with. Traditional communication has come a long way in recent years, and now, with platforms like The Collate Loop, it couldn’t be simpler to create an effective online community where collaboration is central to the running of a school.

The Collate Loop is an innovative communication platform designed for school communities. It provides the building blocks from which school leaders can establish a comprehensive online community for every stakeholder involved in school life. While The Collate Loop is for everyone, there are special provisions in place that support the importance of a leadership support network.


For school leaders, The Collate Loop offers complimentary access to the heads network. Here, head teachers, deputy heads and heads of department can communicate with absolute ease, all in a private group. Establishing a leadership network couldn’t be easier with the latest technology giving every leader the chance to build a lasting network focused on the success of a school.


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